SOMERSET, KY - The Somerset Police Department is wanting the public to be aware of a utility scam. The scammers are contacting individuals by phone and posing as a utility company they are either doing business with or have done business with, telling the individual that they have overpaid on their bill. Then the caller continues wanting the individuals credit/debit card information, so they can refund the supposed overpaid amount back on the credit/debit card. Once having the information, instead of giving back money they are taking it away.
Please be cautious before giving out this information or any other sensitive information out over the phone or internet/email.
If you are unsure it is a scam, after hanging up with that particular caller; contact the utility company they said they are with on their main business phone number or go there in person to see if there are any issues with your account.
Majority of utility companies will either apply the overage back automatically from the account it came from, apply a credit on the next bill, or send a check by mail back to the person who had the overage.


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