Attorney General Russell Coleman

Kentucky Attorney General Coleman Rejects Biden Administration’s Radical Green Agenda on Plastics

‘This rule is a clear overreach, and Kentuckians won’t stand for it’

FRANKFORT, KY– Attorney General Russell Coleman announced he’s opposing the Biden Administration’s latest attempt to foist an out-of-touch environmental agenda on Kentucky families. General Coleman joined a 14-state coalition to object to the General Services Administration’s (GSA) proposed rule to “reduce single use-plastic packaging.”

The coalition rejects the rule, arguing it is illegal, a waste of taxpayer dollars and would impact Kentuckians’ wallets. By forcing the federal government to prioritize environmentalists’ favored products – like paper straws – the rule would increase the cost and size of an already bloated government bureaucracy.

“The Biden Administration is bent on using every lever of federal power to advance a radical green agenda that hikes costs, undermines American jobs and threatens our economic future. This rule is a clear overreach, and Kentuckians won’t stand for it,” said Attorney General Coleman.

This rule is just the latest effort by the Administration to back-door environmental policy adoption without legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President. For the sake of the Constitution, the taxpayer and the environment the Administration must reverse course.

General Coleman signed a letter, led by Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti, alongside attorneys general from Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.

Read the letter here.



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