MAINE / Situation Summary, 2015 January Blizzard - Tuesday 11:30 AM

January 27, 2015

Maine Emergency Management Agency
State Emergency Operations Center

Storm Status Summary

  • Governor Paul R. LePage has declared a State of Emergency to ensure that all resources of the State would be available to assist local jurisdictions if needed
  • The Governor has closed all State offices for Tuesday, January 27th
  • Legislative Offices are closed for the day, Tuesday, January 27. Legislative session, public hearings/work sessions are postponed and legislative offices closed on Tuesday, January 27.
  • State Emergency Operations Center opened at 6:00 am with MEMA staff and representatives of State agencies. The State EOC will monitor storm conditions and impacts and coordinate State response to local jurisdictions if needed.
  • On a conference call this morning, the National Weather Service confirmed that Blizzard and Winter Storm Warnings are in place into Wednesday morning. High winds, blowing and drifting snow will continue to produce dangerous travel conditions throughout the day. County Emergency Management Agencies reported no major problems at this time.
  • All flights into and out of the Portland Jetport and Bangor International Airport have been cancelled.
  • The Amtrak Downeaster is not running today.
  • All Ferry services are cancelled for the day.
  • Concord Trailways has suspended bus service in Maine for today.
  • Maine DOT and Maine Turnpike Authority report that traffic has been light, and plows are working to keep routes clear. Speed limits have been lowered on the Turnpike and I-95 and I-295. Visibility is extremely poor. Both agencies are appreciative that the public has heeded the recommendation to stay off the roads.
  • Maine State Police also report that traffic is light, and there are no major accidents at this time.

Key Safety Messages

“Please stay off the roads if possible,” said Governor LePage. “Use common sense, check on your neighbors and stay safe.”

  • Continued compliance with the recommendation to stay off roads will assist crews in clearing the roads.
  • If you must travel, use extreme care and respect any local road closures or restrictions.
  • Check in with friends and neighbors who may need help weathering the storm
  • If you lose power, use generators or alternate heat sources safely
  • Run generators outside only, 15 feet away from doors or windows, with exhaust pointing away from the house
  • Keep heater and appliance vents clear; carbon monoxide can back up into the home if vents are clogged
  • After the storm, Don’t overdo it – When clearing snow take frequent breaks. Shoveling is strenuous work and can lead to a number of health problems ranging from a back injury to cardiac issues. Dress properly for conditions to avoid frostbite or hypothermia.
  • Again, see if a friend or neighbor needs help clearing out.

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