FREE Women's Safety Class Scheduled - Still Accepting Participants

Special Deputy Elizabeth Sparks

Laurel County, KY - Sheriff John Root is reporting that Laurel Sheriff’s Special Deputy Elizabeth Sparks is conducting another women's self defense class that is nationally recognized,and consists of three nights of training with each night requiring three hours of classroom work and practical exercises.

This class instructs on how to be prepared, how to take control, and how to fight to protect yourself. Previous classes have been conducted, and more are planned.

This program is conducted free of charge, and it is available to area female citizens. For more information, or to sign up for a future class, contact Laurel Sheriff's Special Deputy Elizabeth Sparks at the Laurel County Sheriff's Office at 606-864-6600.

Our next class is scheduled for June 27, 28th, and 29th at the community room in the Laurel County Courthouse. It is designed exclusively for women ages 16 and up. If under age 18, a parent waiver must be signed.

Class size is limited, but the upcoming class is still accepting participants. Please call the sheriff's office to reserve your spot in this free class.

Sheriff Root stresses that it is our goal at the Laurel County Sheriff's Office to make area female citizens more aware of their surroundings, and to provide some preventative safety measures that can be utilized along with some basic self defense that can be deployed in the unlikely event of an attack.



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