Scam occurring in Laurel County area

Laurel County, KY - Sheriff John Root is reporting that: Deputy Rick Cloyd is investigating an apparent phone scam that is occurring in the Laurel County area.

Residents are receiving a phone call from 876-509-5937 advising they have won a mega million cash prize. They are reporting that they were selected because they are in a group of people who continuously paid their bills on time. They are told that they need to send some money and call 513-388-3300 to collect the prize winnings.

The caller advises they are 15 min. from the house and that the victim needed to pay them or they would come to his residence and collect it.

Investigators attempted to call the phone numbers and were unable to get any response except a voicemail.

If anyone receives similar phone calls, they should disregard the phone calls.

This appears to be a scam to either trick victims into sending money or an attempt to gain access to the victims bank account.

Deputy Rick Cloyd continues to investigate.



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