Melissa Martin, Ph.D.


Opinion-Editorial by Melissa Martin, Ph.D.

Is the Federal Reserve (aka the Fed) a phony baloney business masquerading as patriotic and noble. The Fed prints money and loans money to the United States government and charges interest. How can that be? Is it a system of funny-money with smoke and mirrors?

Melissa Martin, Ph.D.

Op-Ed: The World’s Power People

Opinion-Editorial by Melissa Martin, Ph.D.

Who rules and runs the world? Is there an elite cabal of people that govern the planet from behind the scenes? Who owns the world economy? Does the Council of the 13 wealthiest families influence major world events? Who is the Big Cheese of global capitalism? Does Big Pharma rule healthcare? Does the “Deep State” reign supreme? Who controls economic, political, and technological issues? Does a sect control elections near and far? Who controls mainstream media? Who calls the shots in world affairs? It depends on who you ask.

U.S. Senator and physician Rand Paul

Opinion-Editorial: Applause for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul 

Opinion-Editorial by Melissa Martin, Ph.D. 

Standing up for liberty, freedom, and justice has to be difficult amidst the Washington D.C. quagmire. Yet, Senator Paul keeps the faith and keeps on truck’in.

Running in the opposite direction of tyranny, Paul battles for our civil liberties. “When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” -C.S. Lewis

Being maligned when you reveal the real story about the COVID virus and vaccine is a courageous act. And exposing Anthony Fauci’s lies over and over again takes guts.

Melissa Martin, Ph.D.

Op-Ed: Is the Federal Reserve the Financial Elephant in the Room?

Op-Ed by Melissa Martin, Ph.D.

A mammoth elephant continues to stomp around in the sovereign nation of the USA and beyond. This creature bellows and challenges anyone that dares to disagree. It is comfortable in the Oval Office and the Halls of Congress while sticking its middle finger up in the sacred places of justice and liberty for all. Our Constitution is mocked as autocrats destroy and devastate the economy over and over and over – the end goal being a global empire with the wealthy at the top of the power pyramid and the rest of us at the bottom.

Wendy Griffin

Op-Ed: They Want Your Guns / Your Vote Matters!

By: Wendy Griffin

Wendy Griffin lives on the Eastern Shore of Delmarva where she works in public policy. Additionally, Wendy is a writer, an educator, and a doctoral candidate at Liberty University.

I used to think that politics weren’t my thing. I never ran for a political office, and I doubted I ever would. BUT…after working in public policy for several years, I realize that what does matter…are my Constitutional rights. And if I am committed to protecting my constitutional freedoms…as best I can…for as long as I can, then I have a responsibility to vote.


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