Tim Robinson

Op-Ed: For Kentuckians Struggling with Substance Use, Nurses Serve a Critical and Lifesaving Role

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By Tim Robinson, President and CEO of Addiction Recovery Care (ARC)

When it comes to our health, the right care provider can make all the difference. Suppose you’ve ever been in the doctor’s office, urgent care or hospital for a broken bone, bad virus or the birth of a child. In that case, you understand the great comfort that a caring medical team can offer – not only to the person receiving care but to his or her loved ones, as well.

OP-ED / Workforce Housing: A “Must” to Attract New Businesses

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By: L to R - Shelby Williams Somervell, Greater Louisville Inc. and Tami Wilson, NKY Chamber of Commerce

Kentucky is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It makes our jobs – working at some of our state’s largest pro-business organizations – exciting. We are proud to call Kentucky home and to help businesses thrive here.

Joseph Frazier

Op-Ed: "Why We Can’t Wait" Kentucky Businesses Must Step Up to Address Racial Disparities


By Joseph Frazier

Joseph Frazier is the executive director of the Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

In 1963, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. penned his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail.

Cole Raines

Op-Ed: Fiber Broadband is Key to Unlocking Eastern Kentucky's Potential

By Cole Raines – Executive Director, One Harlan County

When Daniel Boone and early pioneers blazed a trail into the Kentucky wilderness via the Cumberland Gap, they quickly realized both the immense challenges and opportunities that lay before them on the new frontier. Two and a half centuries later, the rugged terrain of the Appalachian Plateau remains simultaneously an alluring landscape of unmatched beauty and a stubborn obstacle to connectivity and growth.

Carrie Ray 

Historic Funding is Coming to Coal Communities – It’s Time to Invest in Energy Savings

Op-Ed by Carrie Ray 

Local governments across Eastern Kentucky have been facing budget shortfalls since 2012 because of declines in coal severance tax and population. The COVID-19 crisis caused tax revenues to drop further, while other costs have drastically risen. All of these factors have made it very hard for Eastern Kentucky’s local governments to make ends meet. However, historic new investments are coming to coal communities through recent federal initiatives. If invested wisely, this funding could help local governments keep their budgets in the black for years to come.


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