Michelle M. Sanborn, MSW

Op-Ed - Family Prevention Services: A win, win for Kentucky!!

By Michelle M. Sanborn, MSW - President Children's Alliance

"How many of your foster children want to go home?" I remember asking a group of foster parents. One foster mother raised her hand and said, "110%.

Op-Ed: The Energy Lessons of Texas

By Robert Berry and Anthony “Tony” Campbell


ClayCoNews - Op-Ed: The Energy Lessons of Texas - Bob Berry - Tony Cambell

L to R: Robert Berry, President and CEO of Big Rivers Electric Corp. & Anthony “Tony” Campbell, President and CEO of East Kentucky Power Cooperative

Kentucky Electric Cooperatives logo 200

February’s bitterly cold temperatures, pushing deep into the southern U.S. and persisting for days, severely tested Texas’ electric infrastructure, exposing weaknesses and providing valuable lessons about reliability.

When the temperature plunges and people depend on electricity for heat, reliability is vitally important. Millions of Texans lost power for days, and at least 57 deaths have been attributed to the winter storm and bitter cold according to the Texas health department.

Dale Toney, M.D.

Op-Ed: A “Wake Up Call” For Diabetes on American Diabetes Alert Day

By Dale Toney, M.D., President, Kentucky Medical Association

An estimated 88 million Americans have prediabetes, and just over 1 in 10 have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In Kentucky, nearly 12 percent of the adult population is affected by this disease. Week after week, Kentucky physicians care for patients with type 2 diabetes and the potentially debilitating complications it can cause. Unfortunately, it is also well-documented that pre-existing conditions such as diabetes can put patients at high-risk for complications should they contract COVID-19.

Op-Ed: Ice Storm 2021 / Cooperative Effort Overcomes Historic Challenge in Kentucky

Arnold Workers 314

Ice Storm 2021 Children wave

By Joe Arnold, VP of Strategic Communications for the Kentucky Electric Cooperatives

Imagine scaling a 40 foot ice-covered utility pole to perform highly technical and physically demanding tasks in a dangerous environment knowing that countless people were depending on you.

ClayCoNews - Op-Ed: It's Time to Fix Kentucky's Unemployment System - Auditor Mike Harmon
Auditor Mike Harmon

Op-Ed: It's Time to Fix Kentucky's Unemployment System

Op-Ed: Auditor Mike Harmon

FRANKFORT, KY – Governor Beshear, thousands of Kentuckians are counting on you.  It's hard when you don't have all the answers.  I get it.  We all face challenges in life that you just cannot figure out. It's painful and frustrating, and you let your pride get in the way of asking for help.  In the case of Kentucky's unemployment system, it's been almost a year trying to untangle the mess, and eventually you just have to figure it out.


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