FBI Director Christopher Wray

Op-Ed: Violent Crime Problem Is Real and Tackling It Requires a Group Effort by FBI Director Christopher Wray

In law enforcement, our most fundamental duty is to ensure people can live free from fear—a task that has become more challenging over the past few years. 

Representative Josh Calloway

Opinion Submission: Overturning School Choice Puts Kentucky Outside Mainstream

Op-Ed by Representative Josh Calloway

Josh Calloway, an Irvington Republican, is a Kentucky State Representative and vice chair of the House Committee on Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs.

In a sweeping decision, the Kentucky Supreme Court struck a huge blow to students who simply asked for the chance to learn.

Op-Ed: Biden’s Blooper

Viktor Bout






Opinion Editorial

By: Koneika McKiddy

In July 2003 he was quoted by the New York Times in saying “I woke up after 911 and found I was second only to Osama”. He’s known around the world as “The Merchant of Death”. Viktor Anatolyevick Bout (right) is a Russian Arms Dealer with an extensive history in arms dealings across the world.

Although he is Ukrainian, Bout became a Russian citizen after the Dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. He has a knowledge of air crafts. He owned many businesses involved in air freight. Bout transported products into the U.S. in the 1990s.

OP-ED: ESG Hurts Kentucky's Economy and Our Teachers, Firefighters, and Police Officers

By Attorney General Daniel Cameron

FRANKFORT, KY– Kentucky is an energy state. We benefit from the competitive advantage that comes with having abundant fossil fuels and using them to produce low-cost electricity to power our homes and businesses. This is why I am defending Kentucky from an ESG movement that would destroy the Commonwealth's competitive advantage and cripple our economy.

Op-Ed: A Path for Clear, Balanced Beverage Options

By Sara Massey, Executive Director of the Kentucky Beverage Association

Beverage aisles at the grocery store look a lot different now than how they did when I was little. Alongside all the “regular” sodas, Kentuckians can find zero sugar and reduced sugar options and sparkling waters on every shelf, in every flavor imaginable.


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