Michelle Bloodworth

OPINION: A Rapid Transition to Renewables is Not Smart for America and Not Smart for Kentuckians

Op-Ed by Michelle Bloodworth, President and CEO of America’s Power

Last December, Winter Storm Elliott caused rolling blackouts in Kentucky as electricity generation from renewables and natural gas faltered. This August, a heatwave drove up electricity demand across the central U.S., putting power grids in nineteen states under severe strain.

Harlan County, KY Judge Exe., Dan Mosley

Op-Ed: LG&E/KU’s Plan to retire Coal-fired Power Plants further Threatens the Reliability of the Electric Grid

OPINION: Submission by Harlan County, KY Judge Executive Dan Mosley

Kentuckians have been faced with high energy bills and increasing costs at the pump and grocery store. These costs will only continue to rise as utility companies plan premature retirements of coal-fired power plants and transition to more expensive, less reliable forms of energy.

Growth and prosperity start with affordable and reliable power. Coal has consistently been the cheapest form of electricity, and for years Kentucky was known for having some of the lowest utility rates in the nation. However, that has changed over the last decade, due to the premature retirement and replacement of coal plants at a time when energy demand is greater than ever.

Carrie Ray

Op-Ed: LGE-KU Wants You to Pay $1.4 Billion for Two New Fossil Fuel Plants in Kentucky

Op-Ed by Carrie Ray, Energy Program Director at Mountain Association

A $1.4 billion infrastructure request to be paid for by Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities ratepayers is currently being considered in Frankfort. LG&E and KU have proposed the construction of two new natural gas power plants in West Louisville and Mercer County.

Jacob Clark

OP-ED: Will "Big Money" buy the Keys to the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion in the Most Expensive GOP Primary in the History of the Commonwealth?

Opinion Editorial by Born & Raised in Kentucky, Businessman Jacob Clark

I'm, a liberty favorite for Kentucky Governor, and have continued to climb in the polls. Recently gaining the support of State Senator Adrienne Southworth, I got a last minute boost.

However, while there are 12 candidates in the Republican primary, the media and the political establishment would like you to think there's only 2 or 3.

Chris Woolery

Op-Ed: Utility Disconnections in Kentucky are Dangerous, Ineffective, and Unnecessary

Opinion Editorial by: Chris Woolery, the Residential Energy Specialist at the Mountain Association

The number of Kentuckians who had their power disconnected increased by 228 percent last year as compared to a 29 percent increase nationwide, according to a new study by the Energy and Policy Institute and Center for Biological Diversity. Kentucky’s average electric bills also increased 17 percent. Huge increases in disconnections and bills make it clear: current rates are unaffordable, especially as inflation soars.


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